Delmarva Peninsula Beaches – Exploring beach in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia


The Delmarva Peninsula is a place in itself. Caught between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Chesapeake, it consists of parts of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia (VA), its name, Del Mar Va. Here is a different lifestyle that is unique to the peninsula and decades away from the uniformed homogenized land to the west.

The flowing shores of Delmarva, the picturesque towns of 300 to 400 people, invite tourists to come and explore the Delmarva Peninsula. They resemble Norman Rockwell's image, tree-lined streets and wooden-frame houses are home to short people who earn their living as their ancestors – by the ocean. For centuries, the shores of Delmarva have been a living, a playground and an oasis for residents and visitors alike.

The pristine white sandy beaches of the Delmarva Peninsula boast charming coastal towns such as Dewey Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Tangier Island and Chesapeake Bay. These picturesque communities offer visitors a variety of activities. On the ocean side, more adventurous can be surfing on the body, clam, crab and / or deep blue, tuna and wahoo. A traveler can also avoid incoming breaks in some of the best oceans around the hot summer afternoon, or relax on the soft sand to watch the tide and ocean wave flow. The bay side is suitable for good windsurfing and jet skiing. A quiet walk along the beach is always a must, especially in the evening when the sun sets: The sunset on the Delmarva peninsula is spectacular.

For inland activities, the traveler can explore the nooks and shelters of small towns and their charming antique shops and restaurants, or explore the historic lighthouse in Lewes, Delaware, with breathtaking views of the coastal landscape of Cape Henlopen. For bird watchers, the area around Salisbury, Maryland is rich in both local and migratory bird species; for mountain bikers Maryland offers some of the best routes in Delmarva: Great Falls Park; Iron Hill Park; North Central Railway Trail.

For the less sporty, the Blueberry Festival on the Chincoteague Island in Virginia is a slice of Americana. There is fun, competition, food and lots of sweet blueberries. It takes place every year on the last weekend in July.

Of course, some beach towns (Onancock, Cape Charles and Belle Haven, Virginia, Chesapeake City, Maryland, South Bethany, and Fenwick Island, Delaware) have farmers' markets that start in mid-May and run in September. This is a great way to taste local Delmarva products and dishes.

For those wishing to live in a larger city, Ocean City, Maryland is one of the larger cities on the Delmarva Peninsula. Although Ocean City has lost some of its charms through apartment buildings and hotels that make up most of the coast, there is still a bit of nostalgic charm in this city. There is an old promenade lined with shops and restaurants, and of course, there is always plenty of saltwater taffy. The carousel of 1802, which shimmers in the sun and comes to an electrifying life at night, commemorates the past era. And … there are still miles of beautiful white beaches.

Whether you want solitude or excitement, Delmarva has something for everyone. OF the banks of Delmarva to inland cities, the Delmarva Peninsula welcomes travelers. Beaches, trails, shopping, fishing, culture offer visitors a variety of experiences and memories like nowhere else. The Delmarva Peninsula is certainly a gold thread in the fabric of American regions.