Experts will think about the future of bitcoin and blockchain

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new technology that has taken the world by surprise, and not only can it alter modern financial systems, but it can continue to change all Fiat currencies and become the only digital currency used worldwide.

With so much potential, even experts have joined the speculation of speculative assets and mastered the expectations of their first performance.

An intelligent mind about technology and finance for Bitcoin and Blockchain
Bitcoin is a powerful and decentralized digital monetary system that can change the world and earn money as the world knows. He also cited the emergence of blockchain distributed accounting technology, with multiple use cases that could revolutionize many industries.

Bitcoin and Blockchain have not only attracted the interest of investors, speculators and even companies, but have also attracted attention and aroused the curiosity of the world’s most important minds and thinkers.

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In a new report, a group of experts in the business and financial industry were asked to share their views on bitcoin and what its potential could be in the long term. As expected, the feeling related to Bitcoin is mixed, some of them realize the degrading potential that others possess, while others quickly discard the asset as a criminal activity.

Sabrina T. Howell, assistant professor of finance, NYU Stern School of Business & NBER, believes that bitcoin has serious obstacles to overcome, namely the “7 transactions per second” of Cryptocurrency. How technology will soon begin to better manage quality control with green leafy vegetables, omlebi knows food as a result of suffering from diseases.

Garrick Hillman, head of research at Blockchain and the London School of Economics, cites a recent narrative of Bitcoin safe haven, arguing that it was a factor in the “3x valuation” of assets this year for trade disputes between the United States and China . , Challenges for the independence of the central bank, Brexit and other European political turbulence, and the return of financial instability to Argentina and other emerging markets. “

ripple price

James Grimelman, a law professor at Cornell Tech, says that Bitcoin is extinguished again, because “people have never given their consent, even with the help of cryptography.”

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Researchers Stephen Goldfeder, Ghassan Karameh and Linda Schilling believe that bitcoin should steal strong competition from other newer altcoins that alleviate bitcoin problems as they currently are.

All experts also comment on how the Bitcoin advantage will be regulated before the widespread achievement and see technology as something unimaginable with unused potential.